Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Character notes: Lighthouse

I said I'd do the next one quicker, but it actually took longer. Opposite day psych! I knocked this one out from scratch pretty quick, so lets see if I can do a few.


- The shot of Jack looking into the water was the second best shot of the episode. Just thought I'd say it.
- I betcha anything the reason Jack doesn't remember his appendix being taken out when he was 10 is because it never happened. That scar is from when Juliet did it in season 4. Somehow! Good lostigating, if I do say so myself.
- His hideous mother is right, his son ignores him. Jack is in need of some parenting 101. (-1)
- Then again, he didn't exactly have the best role model, did he? Island Jack even awknowledges he wouldn't be a good dad. I'm giving that point back. (+1)
- Re: cave conversation, wanting the Island to fix him...Jack appears to have lost his faith once again. Bloody hell, that didn't take long. (-1)
- Awww, I like how he bonds with his son after a slightly rocky start. (+2)
- Smashing the magic mirror. Douche move, Jack. (-1)
- I hate how the promo spoiled the mirror smash, too. Wait, can I really take points off for something the promo did? Don't be stupid.
- A ponderous, reflective Jack stares out at the ocean (best shot of the epsiode by the way) and finally begins to rediscover his true purpose. And this time, for real. (+1)


- Hurley was the true hero of this episode. Standing up to Dogen in particular was awesome. "I'm a candidate and I can do what I want." (+1)
- Jacob "just appears whenever he wants like Obi-Wan Kenobi". Hurley has a real knack for saying it like it is in real person terms. And the closet Star Wars nerd in me dug the reference. (+1)
- Considering he's the only one who can talk to Jacob, I'd say he's a pretty key character right now. (+1)


- Other than Jack telling her about Claire it was a rather superfluous appearance, but sexy Kate holding a gun gets me hot. (+1)


- Also superfluous, but it set up a future confrontation with Dogen.


- Reduced to the endless monotony of Os and Xs, (they don't call it tic tac toe where I'm from) a game where you'd have to be a moron or 3 years old to lose. Poor Miles.


- I like crazy Claire. She turns real badass when she smacks Justin in the leg. Back in S1, Claire would have been the least likely person ever to be a badass/villainess character. (+2)
- So Claire was abducted and escaped? I don't think I should give points for that because it seems pretty damn easy to escape those temple guys. I wouldn't be surprised if their security is an unguarded door that says "No escaping, please".
- Who the hell does she think she is threatening Kate? She walked off in the middle of the jungle, so you ain't got no right to threaten the girl who actually took care of your kid, honey! Wow, that sounded like a sassy Jerry Springer audience member. I am sorry. (+1)


- Jin basically sits immobilised and lies his ass off, going through the fucking scare of his life as someone he used to call friend liberally swings an axe around. (-1)


- His ending cameo was less of a "ZOMG!" reveal and more of a "Oh, yeah? I kind of figured that out anyway". I suggest they rename the "dramatic horn" (we know what it's really called) the "horn of indifference" if there are more reveals of this calibre. (-1)

1. Sawyer - 12
2. Hurley - 11 (+3)
3. Flocke - 9 (-1)
4. Sayid - 7 (0)
5. Locke - 7
6. Jack - 6 (+1)
7. Kate - 5 (+1)
8. Ilana - 3
9. Desmond - 2
10. Ben - 2
11. Frank - 2
12. Jin - 1 (-1)
13. Miles - 1 (0)
14. Sun - 1
15. Claire - 1 (+1)
16. Richard - -1

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