Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Character notes: Dr Linus


- LOST valley high? Um, OK. Ben trying to be evil whilst dressed like a professor just doesn't do it for me. And his sidekick Arzt just adds to the embarrassment. (-1)
- "It's Dr Linus, actually". he sounds like Sidney Poitier from In The Heat OfThe Night. (+1)
- Now, Ben has a good relationship with his father. He gives him his oxygen to breathe, instead of taking it away. Yay for opposite land! (+1)
- Alex isn't Ben's daughter in this timeline, which makes his interest in her a little creepy. (-1)
- As many pointed out, the Principal's ultimatum is a weak one. Ben could simply just wait until after Alex gets into college to execute his plan. But that would negate the point of the episode, which was Ben realising his pursuit of power is meaningless.
- Does the scene where Ben drops his stick and pegs it strongly resemble a looney tunes cartoon or not?

- Ben's apology? Easily the best scene of season six. The previous times they've tried to get sympathy for Ben haven't done it for me, but that monologue is fucking heartbreaking. (+4)
- Ben did the right thing and got Alex her letter. He even sacrificed his parking space to placate that whiner, Arzt. Aww. (+1)


- Made it perfectly clear she had no plan whatsoever. Fail. (-1)
- I think people already guessed the fatherly connection, but it was hinted here again.
- "If anyone wants to find your husband, it's me" - awful scene with Sun. And if a character can look awful next to Sun, then buddy you're in real trouble. (-1)
- Crazy Ilana is hilarious, look at some of the faces she comes out with. But I do quite like the badass side to her. (+2)

- Looked quite sexy eating a mango. (+1)
- "I'll have you" - very sweet moment. (+1)


- "Uh ohh"..Miles doesn't hesistate to taunt Ben after dropping him in the shit. Funny stuff. (+1)
- Not only that, he later comes up to him offering him food on a banana leaf, haha. Ben's last-gasp attempt to get him to save his ass is denied. (+1)
- He found the diamonds and dug them up. Nice callback to Nikki and Paulo. (+1)


- Jack is one crazy mofo, if he trusts his faith enough to watch a dynamite stick fizzle out right in front of him. His overconfident grin is great too. The non-Ben highlight of the episode. (+3)


- We've never really seen Richard so defeated. Nestor was great. Dropping hints about his past to set up his later flashback was great. (+1)
- At least he's not Stalin. Wait, what? Oh, stalling. That too. But he should get a point for not being Stalin, as that is most definitely a plus. You wouldn't follow Stalin into the jungle. (+1)


- His stalling (sorry, "Stalin") tactics weren't very effective. (-1)
- Asking Richard if he was a cyborg was hilarious. Although Hurley never met Richard in 1977, if I remember correctly. I guess characters only tell eachother stuff when it's convenient. (+1)
- Got to do the classic "tun towards the beach in slow-motion" shot again. (+1)


- Asks about Jin, for a change. (-1)
- I liked her participation in the group hug scene. Cute shrug of the shoulders. (+1)


- Recounts how he missed flying Oceanic 815...he overslept. Huh. Other than that, another uneventful day in Frank land.


- Has acquired Jedi powers now and breaks Ben free, to give him an offer that Ben doesn't take. (-1)


- Carries enough weight to encourage Ben to go for the Principal's job. Similarly, I heard Obama was inspired to run for President by a random homeless guy on the street. (+1)

1. Sawyer - 12
2. Hurley - 12 (+1)
3. Flocke - 11 (-1)
4. Sayid - 11
5. Jack - 9 (+3)
6. Locke - 8 (+1)
7. Ben - 8 (+5)
8. Ilana - 6 (+2)
9. Kate - 5
10. Miles - 4 (+3)
11. Claire - 4
12. Frank - 3 (0)
13. Desmond - 2
14. Jin - 1
15. Richard - 1 (+2)
16. Sun - 0 (0)

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