Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Character notes: Sundown


- Nadia is doing his brother? The pussy who can't even kill a chicken? I guess they're really not meant to be together. (-1)
- His fight with the Samurai resembled some cheesy kung-fu movie but I still loved it. (+1)
- This isn't really Sayid's fault, but I'll put it here anyway as he was seen mending the damage...who the fuck throws a boomerang indoors?
- Sayid had an epic fight with Keamy in S4, but didn't get to deliver the final blow. Here he makes up for it. Badass once again. (+1)
- Maybe I wasn't supposed to root for Sayid as he killed Dogen and Lennon, but I did anyway! Lennon is a one-way translator for a guy who speaks perfect English. Dick-flavoured lollipop springs to mind. So, kudos for getting rid of some of the dead wood. (Ha! That's funny, because...never mind) (+2)
- His evil grin as he greets Ben? Badass, once again. I can never use that word enough for this man. In fact, I might just replace the word "badass" with "Sayid" from now on. (+1)


- I like how he barely reacted to having a sword plunged into his chest. He practically shakes it off. That was so Sayid! Hmm...doesn't really work. (+1)
- Working his manipulative magic once again. If he can give Sayid Nadia, is he responsible for the alt timeline somehow? (+1)
- Taking down the temple in smoke form. Awesome! (+1)
- Wait, why did killing Dogen mean he could cross the ash circle? That makes little sense to me, and the chances of it being explained are low.


- Does the bidding of evil Flocke. Ultimatums are more awesome when they come in the form of a sexy chick. (+1)
- Talking with Kate from the hole was great, particularly how she issued her warning. It also allowed us interesting camera angles on her cleavage. (+1)
- Calmly staying put as smokey kicks ass all around her was awesome. (+1)


- Delivers the supposedly great news of Aaron being in her care to Claire, not realising Claire secretly want to cut her. (-1)
- I LOL'ed when she slammed Lennon up against a wall and tough Kate came out. Lucky guy. (+1)
- Nice manouever to avoid Smokey there, girl. (+1)
- Locke seems surprised to see her following him. But she's just going wherever Claire goes.


- Wows at Kate's rearrival. Declares Claire "still hot". Is there anyone he doesn't want to get into the pants of? (+1)
- He might stand a better chance if he doesn't run off his own way and leave her to get Claire on his own. This is the part in horror movies where he'd be brutally murdered. Luckily team Ilana save him. (-1)


- I thought her entrance to the temple with the rest of her group was very Sayid. OK, I'll stop that now. But it was kind of a wasted journey in retrospect as none of the candidates were there and this supposed safe place was about as safe as a neck within 5 miles of Sayid (yeah, that means not very safe). (+1)


- It was hilarious seeing him slowly back away from Sayid as he relaised he was in the presence of a madman. Also had an awfully hilarious face close-up when he says "I'll go get him!". Look out for that next time. (+1)


- Tells Miles to move his ass in his only line of the episode. But Miles listens, and the collective awesomeness of team Ilana gives points to all. All except Sun, anyway. Fuck Sun. (+1)


- Wasn't even shown until the second time we saw team Ilana. Is she that much of embarrassment to the screen? Found out Jin was alive but had no time to do anything about it. Lame. (-1)

1. Sawyer - 12
2. Flocke - 12 (+3)
3. Hurley - 11
4. Sayid - 11 (+4)
5. Locke - 7
6. Jack - 6
7. Kate - 5 (+1)
8. Ilana - 4 (+1)
9. Claire - 4 (+3)
10. Ben - 3 (+1)
11. Frank - 3 (+1)
12. Desmond - 2
13. Miles - 1 (0)
14. Jin - 1
15. Sun - 0 (-1)
16. Richard - -1

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