Thursday, 20 May 2010

Character notes: Recon


- Sawyer's getting laid...again. Sawyer's job is to sleep with suspect's wives? Where do I apply for his job? The police were listening in on him doing it and he still manages to perform admirably, so kudos. (+3)
- Whether you like Charlotte or not, having sex with two girls in one episode is pretty impressive. (+1)
- To apologise to Charlotte for kicking her out and acting like a jerk he shows up with a flower and some beer. After being rejected, he leaves the flower but keeps the beer. Priorities! (+1)
- Just because Locke has a good relationship with Cooper, doesn't mean he isn't still an asshole, as proved by Sawyer still being sans parents. His revenge is still on, just in a different form. (-1)
- Figures out Zoe is a fake after she says she has a boyfriend. Because that is pretty unbelievable. Because she isn't that pretty. Heh. (+1)
- Holds his own against Charles Widmore. "Take me to your leader" made me chuckle too. (+1)
- Is playing a pretty clever game by pitting Flocke and Widmore against eachother. Both think he's on their side and conning the other one. I guess that's why it's called Recon! Or not. (+1)
- They're taking a sub...what? Lamest cliffhanger ever. I must've missed the Sawyer flashback where he's a Naval commander. (-1)


- It was quite a surprise for poor Kate to see Claire attack her. Good to see them make up in the end though. (+1)
- Turns up in the flashsideways to interrupt Miles and Sawyer's bonding. What a bitch! (-1)


- Failed to do what half of the audience wanted...kill Kate. (-1)
- They hug it out in the end, though. Daww! (+1)


- His bitchslap on Claire was pretty epic. (+1)
- Admits to Sawyer he massacred the temple but somehow makes it seem reasonable. It must be Terry's calm demenour. (+1)
- Not much of a mastermind if Sawyer has to do all the work for him. (-1)
- Got a good heart-to-heart with Kate where he explains that even smoke monsters have mommy issues. It set up his flashback for later, more than anything. (+2)
- Thinks he has Sawyer's loyalty. He's wrong. (-1)


- Miles and Sawyer as partners was a great idea. Just like when they were both working security in '77. (+1)
- His Top Gun-esque relationship with Sawyer was a little gay, doncha think? Trying to get him to open up, acting offended and throwing a tantrum when he doesn't. And what's with the terrible blind dates he keeps setting him up on? (-1)
- Dispenses sage advice to Sawyer, amidst homosexual undertones. (+1)


- Is still on crutches, poor guy. This renders him a little useless this ep. (-1)


- Did nothing whilst Claire had a knife to Kate's throat. I don't care for apathetic Sayid. (-1)

1. Sawyer - 18 (+6)
2. Flocke - 13 (+2)
3. Hurley - 12
4. Sayid - 10 (-1)
5. Jack - 9
6. Locke - 8
7. Ben - 8
8. Ilana - 6
9. Kate - 5 (0)
10. Miles - 5 (+1)
11. Claire - 4 (0)
12. Frank - 3
13. Desmond - 2
14. Richard - 1
15. Jin - 0 (-1)
16. Sun - 0

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