Thursday, 16 July 2009

Cribb/Kropp story writing contest: WINNERS!

The three winning stories from the LOST board fanfiction contest.

1ST PLACE - "Story" by Sawyer90:

"Story" by Sawyer90:

Chapter 1

As a new day began on the island, it’s only inhabitants, Daniel Cribb and Andrew Kropp, were sat on the beach preparing breakfast.

“Do you ever think that we’re just characters in some internet fan-fiction?” asked Cribb.“No way. There’s a perfectly good reason for us just finding ourselves living on this island, bickering with each other all day every day” replied Kropp.

Cribb mulled this over for a few seconds. His theory on their reason for existing had just been shot down by the moron who was now admiring his reflection in the sea. He supposed now was as good a time as any to tell Kropp his idea.

“I think I should be leader of this island. I have been posting regularly for years and it’s time I was given some recognition for it.”
“But there’s just the two of us. What’s the point?”
“I just feel that…”
“Ok…I just feel that I can improve our quality of life on this island if I take the lead.”
“I think I’d rather take my chances living in the ocean than follow you!”

Cribb’s patience had just about run out:“There’s always one isn’t there? One total imbecile who thinks he knows better!”
“Yeah, but he’s not usually in charge!”

Cribb couldn’t take it any longer. Another day on this island would drive him insane. He needed to get rid of this idiot once and for all. And if Kropp fancied his chances in the ocean so much, then that’s where he’s going.

“Hey Kropp, I saw a ship earlier. It was quite far out, but you might be able to swim to it. It might have females on it!”
“Why didn’t you tell me this before?! Ok, farewell Cribb! Nice knowing you!”

Kropp ran off into the jungle. This was the most excited Cribb had ever seen him. There was no ship of course, but now Kropp would either drown or be eaten by a shark. Cribb wished he’d thought of this a long time ago. No more pizza crust littering the beach. No more finding Polaroid’s of Kropp nailed to trees with “Rate plz!” scrawled underneath. This was the happiest Daniel Cribb had ever been. He decided to retire to the tree house they’d been sharing since the dawn of time.

Chapter 2

Kropp ran towards the sea. He couldn’t see any ship, but he decided the smartest thing to do would be to swim quite far out and look around. He removed his shirt, knowing this would score big points with any females he encountered, and then jumped into the sea. As he swam frantically towards absolutely nothing, he couldn’t stop thinking about the ship Cribb had told him about. Finally he could get some more opinions on his photographs. Cribb had never shown any real enthusiasm when it came to rating photos. Kropp was almost a mile out now, and there was still no sign of any ship. He knew he had to keep looking. The thought of going back to the island to spend the rest of his life with Daniel Cribb was just too depressing. He decided that the ship had to show up eventually, and that he would just float around until it did.

Chapter 3

Meanwhile, Daniel Cribb was sitting in their tree house wondering if he’d done the right thing. Andrew Kropp was annoying and creepy, but he was the only company Cribb had. And now he was probably dead.“I’m so incredibly lonely” sighed Cribb.

It was getting darker. Cribb looked over at Andrew Kropp’s empty bed and the guilt he was feeling seemed to multiply. He decided that he would need to destroy Kropp’s possessions first thing in the morning, or risk driving himself crazy. Why had he done such a terrible thing? He couldn’t remember, but he knew it was in his head somewhere. Cribb drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Next thing he knew, he was trapped at the bottom of a well. He was freezing cold, and there was barely any room to move. Only a small amount of light was getting in.“Help me!” he cried, even though he knew no one would be around to help. The well was far too deep to climb out of, and Cribb was certain he would die down here. Then he heard a familiar voice.

“Why are you down this well?”Andrew Kropp had returned to save him! The relief was tremendous.
“Andrew, buddy, could you help me out here? Im not sure how I got down here.” Cribb replied.“But why are you down here?”
“I just told you, I don’t know!”
“There was no ship, I still haven’t met any girls. You lied to me!”
“Im sorry, I must have imagined it. Please get me out of here.”
“You should think about what you’ve done!”
“I will be thinking it. Boy, will I be thinking it. Just please help me, I don’t want to die!”
“I didn’t want to die either, but it’s too late for that!”Cribb’s blood ran cold. He heard heavy breathing; he looked behind him and saw Andrew Kropp. His flesh was rotten, he was dripping wet from head to toe, and his eyes were missing.

Chapter 4

Cribb awoke sharply. That was the second most disturbing dream he had ever had. It certainly couldn’t compete with the dream about him kissing Andrew Kropp, but it had still troubled him. He was breathing heavily and a cold sweat had come over him.He wasn’t sure how long he had been asleep, but it was still dark. He didn’t think he would sleep again that night, so he decided to take a walk along the shore. Maybe Kropp had been washed up. If he could give him a decent burial, maybe that would ease his conscience.He climbed out of the treehouse that now belonged solely to him, and set off. His heart was still pounding from the nightmare. He wasn’t sure why he would find himself in a well. There was no well on the island. What is it? Who has it? And what is it? These questions plagued Cribb as walked right around the island. By the time he got back to his treehouse, it was morning. He decided sausage would be good for breakfast, even if Kropp had hidden his stash of gay porn. Cribb wasn’t sure why those two things complimented each other so well.He climbed the ladder to the treehouse, entered the doorway and froze. A shirtless Andrew Kropp was lying on his bed, grinning at him. And he was very much alive.

Chapter 5

“Hi Daniel, did you miss me?”Cribb couldn’t speak. He just stared as Kropp sat up, his podgy body jiggling. He got up and walked towards the petrified Cribb.
“I couldn’t find any ship. I was looking for hours. It was so cold out there, but I didn’t want to give up. I thought I was done for when a shark approached me, but for some reason it swam off once it got within 10 feet of me.”
Cribb was beginning to snap out of it.
“So eventually I decided that the ship must have gone away. Or sunk. That’s when I swam back here.”

Cribb realised that this idiot still believed there was a ship, and had no idea it was a trick to try and kill him. Everything might work out ok after all. If you consider living on an island with an overweight attention-seeker as ok.

“Im glad you’re ok, Andrew!” Cribb said, as he embraced his drenched friend.
“Get off of me, you big gay!”Kropp shoved him back and then dusted himself off as if he’d just had dirt thrown on him.
“I’m just really happy to see you! I was worried. Tell you what, why don’t we go through your photo album, and I’ll rate every single picture!”
Kropp’s face lit up. It was all he had ever wanted in life, besides women. This would be the best day ever.
“Ok, that sounds like fun! Maybe you could even write nice comments at the bottom? And make a top ten favourite photos section? And…”
“Well, go get it then!”Cribb was just happy to have a clear conscience, and his friend back safe.
“You’ll need to help me carry it. It’s really heavy.”Cribb sighed, and all his previous enthusiasm evaporated. What had he let himself in for?