Thursday, 20 May 2010

Character notes: Ab Aeterno


- His giggle was adorable. The nonsense that spilled out of his mouth afterwards made him seem insane. (-1)
- It was actually ridiculously exciting just hearing the whoosh sound on Richard, to be honest. (+1)
- Can ride a horse. (+1)
- Killing the Doctor was a little stupid and contrived. (-1)
- His first few days on the Island are a real ordeal. He did well to survive. (+1)
- So a boar knocked the tool out of your hand? Use your feet, Richard! Use your feet! (-1)
- They keep repeating the words "hell" and the "devil", even before he reaches the Island, so I guess it's believeable Richard was suckered into believing that. "Isabella" tells him it's hell, which is why he believes it when Man In Black also tells him. You can't fault a man who just wants his wife and absolution. (+1)
- Recieves the drowning treatment from Jacob, in a scene reminiscent of Pellegrino's role in The Big Lebowski. (-1)
- The questions he asks Jacob were perfectly sensible. It's not often a character does that. (+1)
- Takes on a job Jacob gives him. He wants to live forever. Points for immortality. (+1)
- He does the right thing by standing by Jacob's side. Let's see him go kick some smoke-ass! (+1)
- The Isabella reunion was a very touching moment, and Nestor's acting throughout the whole episode was phenomenal. (+3)


- We first see him in his smoke form, where he does what he does best and saves Richard from the officers who intend to kill him. (+1)
- His manipulation of Richard, whilst unsuccessful, was a pretty good effort. This episode feels like a Greek myth for most of it. (+1)
- Most of his speech to Richard about not letting him talk was exactly the same as what Dogen told Sayid, which I thought was pretty cool.
- "see you around". "Sooner than you think" he says to Jacob. 1000 years is soon? (-1)
- Wasting perfectly good wine. (-1)
- It was supposed to be symbolic, doyyy. (+1)


- Got the first of three flashbacks in the episode, but hers was by far the lamest, as it was a small extension of a scene we've already seen, telling us info we already know. (-1)


- Being the medium with which to conduct Richard and Isabella's reunion was sweet, and one of the best uses of his power to date. (+1)
- Is this the first episode where he actually speaks Spanish? It was good to hear. (+1)


- Asks Hurley what he's doing when talking to Isabella. "It's nothing to do with you, Jack" he tells him. PWNed. (-1)


- Actually answered more questions than she asked this time. (+1)

Ben & Frank

Appeared in this episode, but did little except sit around a camp fire. This was very much a one man show.

1. Sawyer - 18
2. Flocke - 14 (+1)
3. Hurley - 12
4. Sayid - 10
5. Jack - 8 (-1)
6. Locke - 8
7. Ben - 8 (0)
8. Richard - 6 (+5)
9. Ilana - 5 (-1)
10. Kate - 5
11. Miles - 5
12. Claire - 4
13. Frank - 3 (0)
14. Desmond - 2
15. Sun - 1 (+1)
16. Jin - 0

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