Thursday, 18 March 2010

Character notes: The Substitute

Wow, this is so so late. Luckily it was short on account of few characters appearing. I’ll do the next one much quicker.


-Locke’s alt-life has still been a series of fails:
Getting out of car fail.
Opening ramp fail
Keeping job fail
But it’s endearing, so it’s worth + points. (+1)
- Hey he’s marrying Helen. Always great to see Katey Segal on LOST. (+1)
- Personal growth success for Locke, as he decides he doesn’t need fixing. *sob* (+1)
- Heh, teacher Locke. I’d take Locke’s class on the human reproductive system. (+1)
- I enjoyed the shot of the bech crab on his head.
- A whopping four people attended his burial. Ilana and Frank, who have never met Locke. Sun, who has had by my count 1 major interaction with him (Sun’s garden scene in And Found, trivia fans). Ben, the guy who killed him. Lamest funeral ever. (-1)


- I liked the smokeyvision camera. Very cool. (+1)
- How fucking insane is it that we’ve got the stage where the smoke monster is having visions? (+1)
- I loved his speech about how he used to be human and have human emotions. (+1)
- Flocke has a talent for skimming stones. Is there anything he can't do? (+1)
- Flocke criticising Jacob for being manipulative. Isn’t that exactly what he’s been doing with Ben and others? Hmmm. (-1)
- He saved Sawyer from splattering on the rocks and being seagull food, and seems to have won his trust by the end. He is starting to look like a legitimate alternative, given that he's at least willing to give answers. (+1)


Hurley is such a nice guy! He doesn’t care that Locke nearly damaged his car and offers him a new job. I realised I hate his sideburns though. (+1)


- I'm not liking his current living conditions. Drunk, barely dressed, looking all grubby. (+1)
- He's sharp enough to figure out Locke isn't Locke so early, but seems a little too keen to follow mysterious guy. (-1)
- Dude, SPOILER ALERT for Of Mice And Men! I haven't read that book yet, you dick. But it's hard to stay mad at him when he looks that cool with a gun, did address my last point, and it was a nice throwback to season 3. (+1)


- Looks like he's letting Flocke piss all over him. Tied up in a bag - not so awesome. (-1)
- His conversation with Sawyer was not his finest moment either. Looks like he shit his pants and runs away like a sissy. (-1)


- His speech at Locke’s funeral made me laugh. A refreshingly rare moment of honesty. (+1)
...Yet didn’t admit to killing Jacob, probably trying to avoid Ilana’s wrath. (-1)
- Teacher Ben! Wow, he sure does love to talk about coffee. And he’s BFFs with Locke again. (+1)


Frank is often just an observer, but always has some choice lines (“weirdest damn funeral I‘ve ever been to”) (+1)


Aww, crying over Jacob made me feel bad for her a little. I hope to see more about what kind of relationship they have soon. She also gave some useful info about Locke not being able to change form. Why, or how she knows this, is anyone's guess. (+1)


- Did she do anything? Oh, she suggested they bury Locke, I think. But waaaait..that just slowed them down. Then again, they can get to the beach camp in an instant nowadays, so not really. (+1)

1. Sawyer - 12 (+1)
2. Flocke - 10 (+4)
3. Hurley - 8 (+1)
4. Sayid - 7
5. Locke - 7 (+3)
6. Jack - 5
7. Kate - 4
8. Ilana - 3 (+1)
9. Desmond - 2
10. Jin - 2
11. Frank - 2 (+1)
12. Ben - 2 (+2)
13. Miles - 1
14. Sun - 1 (+1)
15. Claire - 0
16. Richard - -1 (-2)

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