Sunday, 21 February 2010

What Kate Does: Character by character notes


- Getting Claire out of the cab was kind of a superbitch moment (-1)
- But she made up for it when she realised what she’d done. Helpful Kate is helpful. (+2)
- Still driving the same Taxi? Hmm. Then again, she doesn’t really need another grand theft auto charge.
- "Don't come after me" knew it wouldn't last long, didn't you? (-1)
- Gets one over on Aldo again. (+1)
- Had a nice scene with Sawyer on the dock. (+1)
- That was the most ineffective police search ever. Kate is pretty lucky.


- “Hey, it’s me again, the woman who pointed a gun at you. Wanna lift? I totally won‘t threaten to kill you this time, promise.” “Sure, sounds reasonable”. lol wut? (-2)
- She’s trusting a fucking criminal. Offering money to her. That’s gotta be another -1, sorry. (-1)
- Claire has a dark force inside of her and I’m sad to say it’s not me. It’s an interesting direction for her though. Way to kill those two guys, even if Justin totally didn’t deserve it. (+2)


- Jack kicks ass in the first scene where he’s sticking it to Dogen. He called out these over-secretive motherfuckers. (+1)
- Aaw, Sayid looks up to Jack. He's a pretty trustworthy guy. (+1)
- “Did I say something funny?” “Doubt it. You don‘t really have a sense of humour” - BURN! (-1)
- Swallowing the pill was one of Jack’s best badassery moments. I also liked him saying how he doesn’t trust himself. (+2)
- He managed to attract Kate's glance in the alt timeline. Either because he's super sexy or because of deja vu. (+1)


- Implying Sayid is a bad person? This coming from a murderer and thief? Okay. (-1)
- On his escape from the temple we didn’t even see how he got a gun but presumably he did something badass. (+1)
- I teared up when he revealed he wanted to marry Juliet. The dock scene was phenomenal. Josh is really rockin’ this season. (+3)
- “sorry for following you” “which time?” - BURN! (+1)


- Not only got dialogue, but was second-choice for the jungle trek too. It’s a red letter day indeed! (+2)
- Got caught in a bear trap. They didn’t have forest safety in Korea. (-1)
- Seems to always be the one finding people...tailies, Rousseau, Jack an the 77ers, and now Claire. (+1)


- “No. I am not a zombie. ” I can’t help feel a little disappointed at this revelation. (+1)
- Our torturer gets tortured, again. (-1)
- The Jack/Sayid bromance was raging strong when a groggy Sayid tells Jack he’ll take the pill if he wants him to. (+1)


- Private talks usually make me do stuff I don’t quite understand. I love Hurley. (+1)


- I liked his line "We'll be at the food court" (+1)
- Pity it was pretty much his only line.
- He also got a knee to the stomach for no reason. (-1)

1. Sawyer - 11 (+4)
2. Sayid - 7 (+1)
3. Hurley - 7 (+1)
4. Flocke - 6
5. Jack - 5 (+4)
6. Locke - 4
7. Kate - 4 (+2)
8. Ilana - 2
9. Desmond - 2
10. Jin - 2 (+2)
11. Miles - 1 (0)
12. Frank - 1
13. Richard - 1
14. Claire - 0 (-1)
15. Ben - 0
16. Sun - 0

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