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LA X: Character by character notes

This has nothing really to do with memes, but I kinda wanted a blog for this and was too lazy to set up another.

It's just a scatter-shot list of random thoughts as the episode airs, and I award a character points when they do cool things. It's not a new format.


- Is that deja vu he's experiencing? Fading away like a dream you can't quite remember. A good, if ambiguous piece of acting (+2 points)
- He does look a lot older than he should be, though. And the hair? Not liking it. (-1)
- Recognises Desmond (+1)
- "I’m sorry. I thought we were meant to do this" - best you can do? Lame. (-1)
- Saved Charlie. Again. (+1)
- Probably got a metal girder on his foot whilst helping get Juliet out. Ouch. (-1)
- Did he really think they were gonna carry an injured man over that huge-ass wall? Oh well, at least it lead to Hurley saying "We're not..we're going through here", which lead to the Most Unnecessary Gay-Ass Trombone Of The Week. But still. (-1)
- Got punched out pretty badly by those turban guys. Then assaulted again twice more. The first of many? (-2)
- Jack once again beats a dead horse, or rather, Sayid. The Charlie scene was wonderful and emotional, but lightning doesn’t strike twice, just let it go this time, Jack. I’m pretty sure Jack would’ve been trying to hump Montand's severed arm to life if he'd been around for that. (-1)
- Wants to fix Locke! Nothing's irreversible. Amazing scene all round. (+2)


- I love him taking down Jack at the start, he also seems to know what he's talking about better than the rest of the group. (+2)
- Got a meaningful and heartfelt kiss from Juliet, and could do with some sympathy points after losing her. (+2)
- The way he looks at Hurley as he steps off the plane - that's a con man with a plan. (+1)
- Noticed Kate’s handcuffs but didn’t say anything. Thought that was nice of him. A cute girl > security guards. (+1)
- Took down four temple others? That’s badass. But it occured off-screen. Pics or it didn’t happen. (+1)


- Good to see her climbing a tree again, for old times sake. It seems like it's been a while. (+1)
- Takes Jack's pen. She must have the hands of a magician. (+1)
- Discovers Juliet. (+1)
- Her escape was pretty cool, even though Ed “lets put my head 2 inches from the toilet door and not do anything” Mars is a total embarassment to law enforcement. (+1)
- Quit crowding Sawyer, Kate. The last person someone wants to talk to after losing a loved one is another ex from another relationship that ended. You’re just getting in the way. (-1)
- Why the hell did you wait in that taxi line so long? Those who snooze, lose. You should’ve got the hell out of there much sooner.(-1)


- That was a hilariously bad Australian accent. I don't know whether to give plus or minus for that.
- He likes chicken. He must have said that at least 10 billion times before. I don't like chicken, but I like that Hurley likes chicken.
- He looks so sweet and content. You really believe he is the luckiest guy in the world. (+1)
- He claims he has a gun and knows how to use it. Doesn't look too confident with it to me.
- Becoming Jacob's faithful underling from beyond the grave. "You want me to do something crazy again?" - LOL. (+2)
- Stopped the gang from getting hastily shot by mentioning Jacob sent them. (+1)
- It’s a good thing he asked whether unconscious people could hold their breath. I wasn’t sure either. It didn’t get a gay ass trombone, unfortunately. (-1)
- Breaks the news of Jacobs death to Genghis Khan and Genghis Khan't. He knows something you don't know, nah-nah! (+1)
- Hurley gives an open invitation to ghost Sayid to come and haunt him. Awww. (+1)


- Philosophical Sayid makes me sad. (+1)
- Can I be of assistantance? Assistance in this case meaning badass. Smashed the door down, and assists Jack. (+2)
- Lasts longer with a gut shot than a Duracell battery. (+1)
- Dies. (-1)
- Or not. Wait - so, Sayid was dead...but then he got better? I liked how he comes back as Jack is getting ass-whupped again. Like Chuck Norris, Sayid doesn’t sleep, he waits. (+2)


- Desmond swaps seats for being next to a snorer. Very wise, that would piss me off too. (+1)
- Desmond has the ability to leave a plane in mid-air. Pretty cool. He didn't jump out the window, I hope. (+1)


- She can still spot a happy couple (Rose/Bernard) when she sees one, despite not being one herself. (+1)
- So does altSun speak English or not? Cuz it would be kinda useful if she did. (-1)


- “Button your sweater”. I forgot S1 Jin used to be a douche. (-1)
- Brings the van to help Juliet. (+1)
- Jin actually knows where to go. I love how he doesn’t question why Hurley is asking about stuff he shouldn’t know about. (+1)
- Got hurled off by customs and couldn't talk his way out of it due to the language barrier. Jin has no time for this, he has a demanding and important job. (-1)


- oooh, he wants Richard to go inside? And face murder-scheming undead Locke impostor? That’s cold. (-1)
- Stands and witnesses an epic smoke attack staying silent the whole time. (+1)


- It was pretty badass how he hurls Ben over to the corpse. (+1)
- Revelations of Richards past are coming to light. Flocke has seen him in chains? Lets hope he means the Black Rock, and not some BDSM fetish club. (+1)
- Got beaten up by Flocke pretty badly. (-1)


- Miles is such a suck-up. Still calling Sawyer boss, asking if he wants beers. He looked a little offended when Sawyer told him he was only around for him to speak to Juliet.
- Used his ghosty mojo thing. Cool sound effects and camera angles FTW. (+1)


- Bullets bounce off him, FFS. And he can turn into a cloud and unleash dangerous levels of badassness. I thought the bent bullet was a bug at first, and thought he was going to turn into an insect swarm. Ugh. Thank God he only turned into a bunch of black smoke. (+3)
- Lets not resort to name-calling. Ha! Flocke is fucking awesome. (+1)
- I loved the scene where he reveals what Lockes last words were. And now we know what he wants. Will we sympathise with him one day? (+1)
- Strides up to and punches out Richard in front of the whole group who just stand there rubber-necking, and then strides off. (+1)


- I like this happy, confident Locke. He went on a walkabout. He's smiling. He's come to terms with his condition. Overall, Terry is doing great with both characters. (+4)


- Had a few choice lines but mostly just stayed on the beach cosying up to Sun. Any episode is improved by having Frank in it though. (+1)


- OMG, Claire's back!! She's been gone a whole season! (+2)
- She had one line and a horrible wig. That could be the worst usefulness of appearance to wig quality ratio in the history of television, taking the record set by Boone in season 3. (-1)


- Wisely decided not to go into the statue where the amateur bodyguards got massacred by Flocke's asskickery. (+1)
- Looked cool holding a gun at Flocke. But why point if you can't shoot? (+1)

Character Leader Board

1. Sawyer - 7
2. Flocke - 6
3. Hurley - 6
4. Sayid - 5
5. Locke - 4
6. Kate - 2
7. Ilana - 2
8. Desmond - 2
9. Jack - 1
10. Frank - 1
11. Miles - 1
12. Claire - 1
13. Richard - 1
14. Ben - 0
15. Sun - 0
16. Jin - 0

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