Friday, 8 January 2010

Graphics card for Via Domus, Fanatic About Film

It took a long time but it's finally here. One of the greatest threads of all time. This guy is just so fuckin' funny. Seriously. Unlike Bonjovi, it's hard to feel sorry for him, because he's so damn confrontational, and it basically began over nothing. Now, not all of his most famous quotes are here, because some were in spin-off threads, but it's still a good read. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed this, but particularly Ze, Crichton and Ginnov, who were consistently brilliant throughout. I love how Ginnov starts off being the only one to help the guy, but eventually even he gives up against the brick wall of idiocy that is FaF, and delivers an amazing speech. Great character arc. This isn't the whole thing, and I switched some bits around to make it more readable. Anyone who has some of the missing bits, feel free to send it me and I'll correct it. For now, enjoy the angry ramblings of a man who doesn't know when to quit.


Hi bought anew laptop but dont really know much about computers. How do i check what graphics card i have, and once i do that, can someone tell me if it will play the lost computer game, thanks.

Really need your help on this.


ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: I don't know how to check what graphics card you have, but I do know the Banyan trees provide cover. Hide inside the hollowed roots and you should be safe.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: thanks idiot

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: You score a get out of jail free card?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: "f" u prick. You sad little boy. Ever kissed a girl? Or do you spend every second of the day on imdb posting every 20 seconds?????

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: Hey son, over here. I'm over here, at the Banyan trees.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: ha ha more useless drivel. what else you got that makes no sense? So as you didnt answer the question, have you ever kissed a girl? I think we all know the answer to that, but please tell us if we are wrong. Are you still a virgin? awwwww poor little you. Are you get scared of girls?

ERMINE FURS ADORN: Funny you should mention that because he actually posted a pic here once kissing his hot-ass girlfriend while holding up a piece of paper that said "suck it Lost board". His girlfriend was hot as hell.


FANATIC ABOUT FILM: haha yeah i believe that. Who are you morons, his bitches or something. This guy has never been near a girl. How much has he paid you to say this, and what kind of loser would post a picture just for the benefit of imdb. A complete loser thats who. But i bet he couldnt show the picture now, because it never happened. You sad pricks. Haha, carry on masturbating over each other.

ERMINE FURS ADORN: Why should anyone do anything for you after you started berating people? You can’t even figure out what type of graphics card you have or even know how to google the instructions.

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: What's new on the Shop Talk Writers board? Talk about shops I should imagine.

ANDREWRKROPP-I: what do this have to do with the tv show lost?

You know, all you're doing by insulting Ze is making it obvious to everyone just how easy it is to get under your skin. Now many posters will be taking advantage of that.

DARKERHEART: There never was a Japanese girlfriend. That whole thing was just a charade. It wasn't him kissing that girl in the picture, either. Yes, Salesman isn't the most social of people... but he's Salesman. People accept him for who he is - even if he sometimes (often?) acts like a troll.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Act like a troll. Buddy you either are a troll or your not one. An he most definitely is a troll. With no social skills. A compulsive liar and a pathetic idiot who actually thinks he is funny. He loves to annoy people. He is the lowest of the low. And to the other poster who says I started berating people?????????????? He spoiled a part of the game for me. Would you like it if i gave you spoilers for an episode you haven't seen yet. No you would. So shut up u little b*tch.

ANDREWKROPP-I: why you respond to my post? F_U!

GINNOV: He quoted a character from the game. He didn't reveal important plot information. That's not a spoiler. There's no need to freak out over a little internet joke. Calm down and try focusing on the question you want answered. Calling someone a bitch will get you nowhere. I can tell you that most of the people on this board have not played Lost: Via Domus. You could try the actual board for the game if you want to get answers for your problems.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: He quoted a chracter from the game?????????????? What? He told me a aprt of the game that i haven't done yet, he spoiled information for me when i didn't ask for any. A game like lost works by figuring out a mystery for yourself, you interact with it. I wanted to figure it out for myself and he spoiled that. Ginnov, do you understand what i am saying????????????? Therefore this guy is a d*ck. He is obviously a d*ck anyway if you care to look back at any of his posts to any one of a million threads. He has nothing useful to say, just mindless drivel. He is wasting his life away one second at a time. He's pathetic.

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: Locke helps Elliot Maslow off the island at the end.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: oh *beep* i almost read that. See this guy is a total first class A-hole? Can you say he's not ginnov??????? *beep* what is your girlfriends name if you have one. *beep* i remember, you can't answer that becasue you dont have one. You have not even remotely tried to defend yourself with this concern. Can it be true that your a total virgin loser. Who sits on his computer all day long wacking off to pictures of Buffy and Scully photos your sad little nerd.

KING OF BOB: The game isn't canon to the show anyway, so spoilers are irrelevant. It's a *beep* game, reading spoilers is probably the best way to find out this information.

GINNOV: Yes, he quoted a character from the game. Like I said, he quoted something that has little to no importance on the plot of the game. It's not part of the story or mystery. In fact, as I'm guessing you're already a fan of Lost, it's something you already know, yet it's so unimportant that it probably wouldn't even come to mind. That's how meaningless it really is. And you think ZeBlackRockSalesman is wasting his life away one second at a time? I'd say you're doing the same thing for every second you spend bitching about some guy on the internet and not trying to figure out your graphics card issue. And easy on the question marks, save some for the rest of us.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: ginnov, do you have some serious reading difficulty or what? Look, at his first response to me, look look, look now, no one is hiding anything look look lok now. He spoiled part of it for me. (he didn't reveal any character name) What dont you understand? Please what simple part of this are you not understanding. Lost Via Domus, that this thread is about, is the videogame version of Lost. He spoiled for me a part of the game. The point is that it is full of mysteries that i have to figure out for myself. I dont wanbt to be told the answers to them. I want to do it myself. Thats the whole point of playing a GAME. Hellloooooooo.

GINNOV: Before I say anything let me ask you this: have you found the answer to your question yet? I personally do not know the answer, I'm only here because I'm trying to help you find it by asking you to stop your useless posting about people who you think are virgins or idiots or dicks and actually actively seek the answer. Once again, I point you toward the IMDb board for the game, which in my personal opinion is a great place to find an answer to a question about the game; it's almost certainly a better place for information than on the board for the television show. Here, I'll even post you a link: I hope you are no longer reading, because that means you actually chose to stop wasting your time complaining and sought after the information you need. But if you are still reading I might as well go on. You asked me to look at the first response by ZeBlackRockSalesman. I did. In case you forgot what he actually said, here it is: “I don't know how to check what graphics card you have, but I do know the Banyan trees provide cover. Hide inside the hollowed roots and you should be safe.” and here’s how you responded: “thanks idiot”. Interesting. You didn't seem so upset about having been "spoiled" back then. Tell me, at what point did it actually get into your head that you had somehow been spoiled? Do you even know what the character is saying in that quote? It's so vague in nature, it doesn't even reveal what you're supposed to be hiding from. It's equivalent to a character saying "Go down that path, you're supposed to go that way." You don't know which way it is, and you don't know why you're going that way. Unless you are already playing the game, it should have no meaning to you whatsoever. If you've read anything about Lost: Via Domus, you would know that the game does not reveal any new additions to the story line of Lost. The game is non-canon, meaning that anything in the game that has not been shown in the show cannot be said to be a authentic part of the show's continuity. The only parts of the game that are real mysteries, which you seem so keen to discover on your own, pertain solely to the individual story of the non-canonical main character of the game, Elliot Maslow. The quote in question falls in the category of things a viewer of Lost should already know, because characters on the show have been shown to do exactly that for exactly the same purpose on several occasions; thus, nothing has been spoiled for you. No mystery, no hidden plot you are meant to unravel, no reason to waste your time being so angry with someone on the internet. I'm starting to think you're some lame sort of troll, because no one who is even remotely serious would be this idiotic. This will be probably be my last post on the matter, since I cannot see any way to make what I'm trying to say any clearer. Again, I urge you to find out about the damn graphics card and play the game already.

STOPYFUEH: Wait, what did he spoil? That there are banyan trees in the game? Seriously?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Ginnov if i thought you actually cared whether or not that i found mthe answer to my original question i would tell you, but i dont think you care, so i wont bother. good advice however on the board for the videogame, however as thousands of people tend to be on this lost board i just poresumed it woyuld be quicker to get an answer. Yet as is always the case i always get inundated by trolls, tand then strangelky enough, people who then defend the trolls, which i have never figured out.

GINNOV: don't care? I write long-ass posts trying to help you and you say I don't care? I'm one of the few people in this thread who actually wants you to figure out your graphics card problem, most people in here are just farming you for comedic material. I care enough to continue a conversation over the internet with someone I don't know, taking the time to write long posts absent of swears or insults, which is more than I can say for you. One of the first things you do upon not receiving the answer you want is call someone a virgin. If you care even a tiny bit about a serious conversation, maybe you should avoid falling into childish insults. I don't care about who pisses you off or who did what first, it's immature and counter-productive. Maybe you're right, I am wasting my time. As easy as it would be right now to pepper you with insults and profanities, I like to think of myself as a nice person. So goodbye, good luck, have fun with your game if you ever get around to playing it.

[Post deleted]

KOUNELAKI: Can you believe some people repeatedly delete their posts, change their names then post threads about suicide?

BADROBOT22: Exactly. It's an absolute joke. I once came onto IMDb looking for information on a graphics card for my video game called "Grand Bowling", and someone told how the game ends. I couldn't even play it after that. It just ruined it.

THIRD ISLAND: Whenever I play the arcade game, Silver Strike, I always put "CPN" as my name. It's an homage to a grand captain.

[Post deleted]

THIRD ISLAND: Why are you asking me this, Mr. Fanatic? Do you also have an obsession with Grant Bowler? Or do you hate Silver Strike?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: third island, are you a troll as well, maybe you'll answer the question. Have you ever kissed a girl, or do you just spend all day trolling and masturbating on the internet like a good little geek. Do you still live with your mommy?

THIRD ISLAND: No, yes, yes and yes.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: well dont worry virgin, it will happen for you one day, maybe.

THIRD ISLAND: I hope so, I'm almost 50 years old

CANTHOLDME187: I think he's coming on to you Third.

THIRD ISLAND: *fingers crossed*

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: "The 50 Year Old Virgin" - Thought you would have learned how to not act like a complete prick by now! I guess some dickheads never learn!

CANTHOLDME187: That's hilarious.

THIRD ISLAND: You just made me cry for a straight hour

CANTHOLDME187: I've been crying for a gay hour.

DARKERHEART: Grand Bowling > Lost: Via Domus

THIRD ISLAND: I actually like Silver StrIke more than Lost: Via Domus.

ROSE BEAVER: I like spitting at my cat more than Lost: Via Domus.

AQUARIAN GUY: You seem very obsessed with little boys and virgins.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Am I? Who said anything about LITTLE boys. I think it might be you who has them on the mind? You sicko.

AQUARIAN GUY: They are so tender. And taste like honey.


AQUARIAN GUY: I'll keep my manhole nice and warm for you.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: awwww thats a shame, whatever your dad did to you when you were younger must have been very troubling for you, but it doesn't make us all freaks, just you. Go get laid somewhere else fag. I'm sure theres plenty of public toilets you can find.

AQUARIAN GUY: When we get married, for our honeymoon, you and I can go to Taiwan and feast on all the young boys there. I hear their peckers get extra hard with fanatics like you.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: wow, good one aquapissguy, keep talking, yourmaking yourself sound like such a great human being. Have you ever had any psychological help you child molesting freak?

GINNOV: How's that game?

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: What is it, like checkers?

GINNOV: Not really, it’s a better game than..checkers. Or is it?

TOMWILLIS: Their dice weren’t made out of plastic, there dice were made out of boooones

CRICHTONT88: Wutever thanks for nothing.

GINNOV: I’m now going anyway, I think I’ve proven I was right.

ZAMOT: This thread is awesome. You got the game working yet?

MISTERLOPAN: Probably threw the damn thing out the window because he couldn't find the "any" key.

THEMYSTEROUSGROWL: Ze wins so much it's not even funny

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: "Oh ze wins so much its not even funny" - wow this is starting to sound a bit faggy. Have you sucked his love pump yet? ..and holy *beep* if you care to look at *beep* recent postings you'll see he has posted over 65 times in the last day. Helllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that number again was 65! He must never leave the house, you think thats a winner???????? Thats a loser if ever i saw one, he was born to lose. He has never been out of the house, never had a friend, or never kissed a girl, ever. He is a mega virgin. Hey, but you sucking him off might make that different mysteriousfag! You follow me across from inglourios basterds, leave a lame faggy compliment for your new boyfriend, then he foolows you back across to inglorious basterds. Both fo you please stop writing on my posts, i dont want to see your gay relationship unfolding on screen please.

GINNOV: I don't know if anyone has mentioned this to you before, but you're a tad homophobic. You should try to be a little more tolerant and accepting. p.s. you play that game yet?

CRICHTONT88: He does seem a tad obsessed, doesn't he? Ya ask me, I think he's a little himself, and he's just lashing out.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Your right i am obsessed. Ok have i used the fag word too much, maybe i have, but please blackpoosalesman, please atleast just tell us all if you have kissed a girl, its such a simple question. We all know you posted a fake picture of yourself (actually someone else) kissing a girl, and you pretended she was your girlfriend. We have all laughed at that one, but please tell us, have you yourself actually kissed a girl. I can't believe you have defended yourself yet. (and look how blackpoosalesman and mysteryfag post simulataneously after each other, isn't it sweet. Are you going to invite anyone to the wedding?)

CRICHTONT88: "Blackpoosalesman"? Really? I think your existence is an elaborate lie.


CRICHTONT88: You know exactly what I mean, Sock-boy!

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: aww thats a shame, are you just another troll too?

CRICHTONT88: ha ha more useless drivel, what else ya got that makes no sense?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: oh so you are a troll. you fail.

CRICHTONT88: I feel like I'm talking to a parrot that can only say, "ur a troll, fag" and "betcha never kissed a girl, rawk!!!"

FURIOUS FENNER: Was it with you and "kissing a girl"? You're like a damn broken record. P.S Have you? Please send evidence of such to Mr Ironical Waste O. Time.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Broken record, if you want hear one of them you should see this blackpooslaesman following me across multiple boards repeating previosu stuff to me, constantly. He is a mega troll.

FURIOUS FENNER: The phrase "pot and kettle" springs to mind. ZeBlackRockSalesman (his name, in spite of your undoubtedly marvellous and witty nicknames) is a law unto himself and is clearly taking the piss. And this post is in itself genuinely hilarious. Speaking of which, did you sort out your graphics card problem?...

CRICHTONT88: ginnov has asked him if he's played that game yet a dozen times, and he just won't answer, so I'm cognitive dissonance.....he lacks it.

STRONTIUM-AE: This thread...especially the first two pages = pure comedy gold. And there are now well over 120 replies that more or less repeat the same thing over and over, wow.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Ok, heres the real deal then, a lot of you are so could at saying this is a huge waste of time, this is so boring, this is funny, yet this is mind numbing, etc. Everyone of you at commentating. Yet you all come back here, making more and more posts on the subject, eyt your telling me to drop it. The word hypocrisy comes to mind. Yet when you look at the bigger picture, i started this post, with a very real, and genuine honest question. Is there anything wrong with that? If so, sue me. And this thread has been innundated by trolls. No not people calling each other trolls just for argument sake, but actual real trolls. Yet mystery not one single one of you have complained about that. Its almost as if you like trolls, but you are all so good at telling me to basically shut the hell. Or atleast implying it. Well no, its not going to happen. I'm not here to get the absolute last word or anything, i couldn't care less, but as soon as you lot want to stop, i'll stop. But the thing is, none of you guys want to stop either. And sure, i am not saying that you are all trolls, most of you aren't, but i still find it perplexing that you all seem to have a problem with me, and not the troll abuse. But then again, people at school do befriend bully's. When someone on here needs something (like an answer to a question), the bullies suddenly use that against you, knowing they have the upper hand, then just use that advantage against you. And you think i'm going to sit here and just go away, and be a victim of a troll? I dont think so. Besides i find this fun actually, to taken on internet geeks, where this is the only avenue of life where they (think or feel) that they have an advantage over you. Because you do know in life, they just live at home with there mom, get called four eyes at school, and have never kissed a chic. Ha ha this is fun, bring it on blackpoo

GINNOV: That was a quote actually, from another poster, long before you got here. So, have you played the game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: What was a quote, long before I got here?????

GINNOV: Um, you just talked about it in your last post. - "I’m now going anyway, I think I’ve proven I was right". By the way, have you played that game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: oh i get you now. But actuallly it wasn't a quote from a separate post. Mayber you wrote it ina separate post as well, but you definitely wrote it in this post, go back and look for yourself, its there

GINNOV: I'm sorry, but I really don't understand what you're talking about. Could you be a little more clear? Which post are you referring to when you say "this post"? The quote is from a poster from a long time ago, named danielcribb123. Crichtont88 quoted another famous poster earlier in this thread, which is what prompted me to respond with a quote from danielcribb123.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: "I’m now going anyway, I think I’ve proven I was right" Thats what i'm talking about, you said it way back, some time ago, but in this post. Anyway it doesn't matter though.

GINNOV: I think I see what you mean now, you're talking about when I said I would stop arguing with you. The Cribb quote I used was from something entirely different though, and it's merely coincidence that it sounds similar to what I said before that. Now that that's settled, you play that game yet?

CRICHTONT88: I love how he thinks everyone here but him is a troll. It's kinda like how crazy people think they're the only sane ones on the planet.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Awww crichy, are you having problems reading? I quite clearly said, only 2 or 3 messages back, that i dont think everyones a troll, that most people are not one. Better luck next time though. Hey wait a second, do you think your posts are invisible or something, do you think opther people can't see them. Are you actually trying to say that most of your messages on this thread are no troll type messages????? C'mon, people aren't blind crichy. good try though.

CRICHTONT88: Lol, crichy? Thanks, I love my new nickname. YES or NO: Have you played that game yet? Because if you haven't, then every mile-long post that you hammered out in this thread, about how gay people are and trolly trolls trolling trolls and kissing girls and whatnot, and indeed the thread itself, has been entirely useless, and a complete waste of your time. Sleep on that, and tomorrow tell me how you feel about it.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: crichy your still not reading are you, i just gave a massive long explanation of what i think about this whole thread. Try reading it. I dont need to sleep on it.

CRICHTONT88: *facepalm* You didn't say yes OR no. Congratulations. Enjoy not playing your game.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: whats up crichy, why you getting annoyed. 'Taste your own medicine' doesn't mean anything to you does it?

ZEBLACROCKSALESMAN: I'm taking a girl out in Rome, any suggestions?


FANATIC ABOUT FILM: hahaha yes blackpoosalesman, think about that one carefully, taking a girl out in Rome. Girl, do you know what one of them is. And no i dont mean your whore of a mother, i mean any avergae girl. Have you ever kissed a girl. Ok ok, have you atkeast ever talked to a girl.

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: Have you found out what graphics card you have yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Where have theye all gone. Damn, i guess they showed me.

GINNOV: Perchance, good sir, hath thee taken part in thine glourious game that thou hast cared enough about to design this, thine thread of innumerable good qualities?

FURIOUS FENNER: All your talk about girls is giving me the strongest suspicion that you're over compensating. I think the reason that nobody else here is validating this claim is because they're very secure with themselves. Also, its worth noting that several of the posters on this board are female. I can't take someone seriously who goes around IMDb calling every other user a nerd or a geek. Judge thyself then judge others. Have a nice day. P.S HAVE YOU PLAYED THE GAME YET?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Hey fething yeah you figured me out, damn you got me. Can you not take me seriously. Oh no. But i guess you can take all the trolls on here seriously can you???? Nobody is validating this claim is because they cant. Look at blackpoosalesman, he is a supernerd. He actually did post a picture of him and this hot chick. Only it wasn't him. Dont you understand what that means???? He doesn'thave a girlfriend, never has had one, and will never get one if he carry;s sitting on hi scomputer ALL DAY EVERYDAY. C'mon fething, you know this is true. Dont pretend like its not.

GINNOV: Hey bro, how've you been? So listen, um.... have you played that game yet?

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: Have you played the game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: ginnov do you like trolls?

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: fanatic_about_film do you like replying to the wrong poster? And have you played the game yet?

GINNOV: Of course not. They vandalize IMDb property and like quoting things and being silly/rude/lies. I would honestly like to know if you've played Lost: Via Domus yet. Have you?

FURIOUS FENNER: Frankly, Fanatic, I really don't give a damn whether he does or doesn't or whether he is or isn't and so forth. I don't know the guy aside from some often very funny comments he makes. Mainly quotes. Ok, almost entirely quotes. If the picture's him and real, fair play. If not, who cares? I don't. And you shouldn't. Oh yeah, and one more thing: “Required Radeon Series X300 graphics card, Shader Model 2”
Now, will you please just play the fcking game?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Yeah fething i dont know the guy either, except for some hilarious comments he's made. They are just hysterical. Which ones made you laugh in particular? And oh my god, 200 messages in and finally someone attempted to offer me a helping hand. Oh Fething it warrants a debate over it because i decided to debate over it. Im interested to know wether the social retard has kissed a girl, it intrigues me becasue i know what the real answer is. Hey ginnov, why have you constantly been on my back but never once said anything about trolls or said anything to the trolls then?

GINNOV: Did you consider the possibility that maybe I would say something to the "trolls" if you would answer my question?

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: So have you played the game yet or not? Inquiring minds want to know.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Yeah sure, because you've stood up for me so much before. I people on here NEVER say anything to trolls? Its as if people like them, or atleast are tooscared of them, even though they destroy thi place.

SIMPLYSHINY: My god, it's like a train wreck...I just can't look away!

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: How did meeting that girl in Rome go?

ZAMOT: After reading this guy's posts I think I can guess what the answer will be... Oh it went great we made out big time, something you'll never do hahaha loser. ur a troll fag go have a gay orgy. ...well, now that I guessed it he proabaly won't say it. But he would have. And fanatic you really should play the game BTW. I found it surprisingly enjoyable even though I heard bad things about it.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: haha good one, he is a total fag, well done.

GINNOV: I think you just called yourself a fag.

CRICHTONT88: Well good for him. I'm glad he's finally able to accept himself for who and what he is. He took a very big step today....and yet, he still hasn't played that game.

ZAMOT: It seems like you misinterpreted my post so I'll just say it a bit more clearly: You are predictable and boring. Play the game and shut up.


STEVEFOSLEAZY: Shut up. You're a moron

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: hey stevesmomissleave, i'm a moron, your repeating everything i say, yet i'm the moron, hahhahahahha good one. No seriously, that was funny for a second, hahahaha

STEVEFOSLEAZY: You don't even know how to spell. I think that makes you a moron. What's funny, for more than a second, is that you don't know basic grammar. What else is funny is how you are crying on the internet because not everyone is being nice to you. It'll be OK, buddy. We are here to help each other out.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: awww boo boo's stevesmomissleaze, whats up buddy, are you getting annoyed at something. I don't have basic grammar? I guess you dont have to know basic grammarwhen you just repeatedly copy and paste everything i say. Not everyone is being nice to me, ahahahahaahahaha, you mean you have joined in on a gang assault to try and intimidate me, and yet you describe that as 'not being nice', jeez.

STEVEFOSLEAZY: Just keep my name out of your cripple fingers when you type on your pathetic windows 95 keyboard!

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Oh nothing to say stevesmomisaslutsleaze, awww what a shame you little bitch, you even admit to being a troll on your imdb user profile. Hahahaha your so sad, you little pathetic waste of time, shut up bitch, hahaha.

STEVEFOSLEAZY: I'm confused- "your so sad"? What does that mean? I don't own any so sads, so I'm a little bewildered here.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: sad, as in your pathetic. Not sad upset Sad upset would describe your parents after realising they gave birth to someone who lives there life to have the actual intention of annoying other people. And who sits at home everyday on their computer, with a severe lack of social skills.

STEVEFOSLEAZY: I'm still confused - I don't own any pathetics either. Why do you keep accusing me of being in possession of these things?

KOUNEBONE: With the OP's question not being answered, he should not be free to play LOST: Via Domus.

AQUARIAN GUY: You're really obsessed with whether or not people are virgins and if they've ever kissed a girl. And whether they live with their mom or are bagning their own mothers. I see it clearly now. You are a 12 year old virgin lesbian who still sleeps in your mom's bed and sometimes....just sometimes...she touches you at night.

CRICHTONT88: You know, I was certain of f_a_f being a child. I did not, however, consider the lesbian and mom-fingered angles. Excellent LOSTboardigating.

GINNOV: Have you played that game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: ginnov i think you've comfirmed you're a troll by now, so shut up, and go away.

GINNOV: I honestly can't understand why you won't answer a simple question. You come here because you want to play a computer game, and now you're so engulfed in petty insults and overuse of the word "fag" that you won't even confirm whether or not you have actually played the game in question? It leads me to think that the troll here is in fact you, who avoids serious conversation in lieu of childish degradation and overall unoriginality. Really, how often can you call a person a fag? Earlier when I was trying to get you to seek out your answers elsewhere in order to avoid wasting time here, you said that you liked engaging in arguments with trolls. But repeatedly calling someone a fag and questioning whether they've ever kissed a girl is not an argument, it's a sign of how immature and irrational a person you are, and a clear sign of a dangerously low level of intelligence on your part. I'm saying this not as an attempt to get you to see the truth but instead out of satisfaction I derive from the practice of explaining how indomitably idiotic you are. Which is itself a gift that keeps on giving, as I know you will prove unable to respond with a rational retort, only saying that I am a troll because I keep asking whether you have played Lost: Via Domus yet. And so you will continue to wax idiotical (which, I know, you will jeer at and say that idiotical is not a word, to which I will reply that of course it is not a word, it is a play on the phrase wax philosophical, with the substitution of idiotical being obvious in meaning, at least to someone with the brainpower of a cauliflower), and this thread will continue to grow as a result of the putrescent slime that protrudes from your mouth and what I hesitate to say is an actual human mind, however poor an example that may be. And an entire message board away from here will continue to look on and laugh, mocking you with every post you write and every pathetic insult you reuse to the same pointless effect, at times coming here to have a go at you themselves, poking you like a brain dead member of some freak show long outlawed because of how cruel it is to take advantage of someone who has not the ability or even the slightest inclination to excercize their human mind in a rational labor to free yourself from your self-contained prison of non-though reminiscent of a piece of granite. You are the intellectual equivalent of a corpse, whose only contribution to the world is a foul smell of escaping gas that you somehow take pleasure in, even from beyond the grave and everyone else here is merely taking meat cleavers and bone saws to your pathetic form, which at this point it is hard to imagine ever resembled something with a unique human intelligence, harvesting you for the only valuable thing you are likely to provide, a joke that will live on as a memory of a moron. So go on keep doing what you're doing, the saddest part of it all is that none of this will register with you and you will keep repeating the words "troll", "fag", and “virgin", in the same way but on the opposite end of the spectrum of intelligence that I will repeat the question, until I receive the answer, "Have you played that game yet?"

CRICHTONT88: O.O This......this...... o.O There just aren't any words left to express how awesome this is. I....I'm astounded. It's a shame really, because you're right. His only response will be, 'haha, u r troll ginnov' I'm going to go sit in a corner and reflect on the beauty of this.

GINNOV: Thanks! Although I think I might have scared him away, he hasn't posted in six hours

CRICHTONT88: He's hiding from us. In the banyan trees.

STOPYFUEH: Maybe he’s playing the game! Eh, not likely.

CRICHTONT88: I doubt it. But if he ever does get around to playing it, unlikely as that is, I just wish I could see his face when he reaches the Banyan tree part. Then maybe, just maybe , he'll realize what an ass he is.

VVMINI: So, have you played the game yet? Was that enough to guarantee me one of your cool nicknames? Am I a troll too now?

CRICHTONT88: ?tey emag taht deyalp uoy evaH


ZIDVICIOUS: This entire thread is pure comedy gold! Hey, f_a_a I feel sorry that these scumbags have spoiled the game for you. I'm trully am. But I should let you know that 7 months ago, I chaotically spoiled The Variable and The Incident for them. You should have been here when it happened. It was amazing! I was enjoying every single second of it! By the way, Stopyfuey, I purposely said all those rolf quotes because I knew you dickwad "Regs" were going to quote them.

STOPYFUEH: Huh? Rolf quotes?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: ha ha oh god, oh wow, this was amazing, i love it. This board has got a life of its own. I've not been here for like almost 5 days and its not even slowed down. Amazing. But this reply was a classic ginnov. I agree with everyone here, you deserve a round of applause.

GINNOV: It's amazing how much of my post you failed to understand. What exactly am I supposed to say to people? "Hey stop that, that's mean"? Perhaps you've heard the phrase, "Don't feed the trolls". It means that you only make things worse by responding to them, and that there's a good chance they'll eventually leave you alone if you stay on-topic and try to sound like an intelligent being.

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: So have you played the game yet or not?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: wow i've been away over four days and within 5 minutes your already on me, great.

ZEBLACKROCKSALESMAN: I'm assuming you've spent the last four days playing the game. Have you got to the part where Locke helps Elliot Maslow off the island then?

CANTHOLDME187: I'm still not sure if he has played the game yet.

THIRD ISLAND: Not yet. One day it will happen.

CANTHOLDME187: “f” u pervert

THIRD ISLAND: Don't make me come down to Tennessee to show you a lesson

CANTHOLDME187: I gave up gay sex a long time ago.

THIRD ISLAND: That's not what Zid said.

OPTICALALLUSION: Surely you must realize that this thread came about because of the way you responded? If it were as a result of the behavior of the board as a whole, every thread would be like this.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: yeah opticalallusion thats certainly one way of looking at it. So if someone hits you in the face, and you hit them back, the fight is still your fault, because of your reaction to being punched. Yeah thats funny, well thought out argument you have there. Most threads (on the lost boards) are like this. Its turned into a toilet.

VVMINI: Maybe you've got to question yourself why someone would punch you in the face in the first place? Surely you have to be a real ass to get someone as far as punching you. Nice people don't get punched in the face.

OPTICALALLUSION: Your analogy isn't apt. It's more like a kindergartener called you a name, and being a prideful idiot, you decided to call him a name back, even though as an adult you should know better than to get into a name calling contest with a kindergartener. That's why this thread is still active - because you have responded like a child to their otherwise harmless taunting.

CRICHTONT88: I'll take this even further. The initial exchange between Ze and fanatic is like a foreign exchange student coming into a new classroom, where noone speaks his language. The foreign kid (fanatic) asks where the bathroom is, to which another student (Ze) replies in his language, "I don't know where the bathroom is, but I do know there's toilet paper inside!" Well, to foreign kid's ears, this sounds somewhat like, "go FVCK yourself!" And he responds with rage, attacking the other kid viciously (though his punches are weak and have no effect.) Afterwards everyone thinks the new kid is a psychotic weirdo, and because he continues to be a rude jerk, they all gang up on him, bullying and teasing him. Now normally, NONE of these kids would bully a student, but the new kid so richly deserves it, and they can't help themselves. Even worse, a teacher and other students long ago calmly explained to new kid that what he thought he heard wasn't what was actually said, and the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding. But new kid doesn't listen, he just spits at them, shrieks at people, kicks shins, and takes a crap in the floor and throws it at people, because he thinks it's a valid and logical arguement. He's such a dense, self-assured moron, he won't admit he's wrong, and instead takes the low road, countering intelligence with stupidity at every turn. And at the end of the school, everyone passes with flying colors...except him. Because between the petty name-calling and self-imposed isolation, he forget about what he was really there to do.

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: oh crichy, how are you? It seems your well in with the fagmo's too, aren't you? So do you go in the middle of their sandwiche?

CRICHTONT88: 1) I'm fine, thank you. How are you? Have you played that game yet? 2) I'm gonna have to say no, because firstly, I don't own a well. And secondly, I don't know what a fagmo is. It sounds like some sort of super-powered, robotic gay man. 3) That depends. I just ate, so I'm not that hungry. But if it's turkey, I suppose I could make room for a piece of, "sandwiche"

KOUNEBONE: Haben Sie das Spiel schon gespielt?

CANDALL: If you'd read the FAQ before posting you'd already know.

STOPYFUEH: The FAQ thread was good but this...this is his masterpiece.

STEVEFOSLEAZY: “f” u pervert

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: haha good one stevesmomissleaze!

STEVEFOSLEAZY: It's ironic that you say "good one" when you just made the worst insult ever. Your dad must have jerked off in a flower pot and had himself a bloomin' idiot.

GINNOV: I answered your questions, now answer mine, please. Have you played that game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: Have you really? I think you failed to answer why you repeated a line back to me (page 27) and effectively joined in with the trolls.

GINNOV: Because I thought it was funny. Have you played that game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: because you thought it was funny? Well sorry but i dont answer questions from trolls, bye.

GINNOV: I just want to know if I should rent it. Did you get to the part with the Banyan tree yet? Didn't Locke's voice sound funny? He kind of sounds like he's supposed to be Native American. It's kind of sad that they could get barely any of the actual cast members to lend their voices to the game. Maybe if they ever do another version, it'll be a lot better. And by the way, not everyone views the pages the same way, you may have upwards of 27 pages on this thread, but I have it set so that only eight pages show for me, because I have it set to show more posts for page. So it's not very helpful when you say something like pg. 27 when there is no pg. 27 for me. Just so you know. Have you played that game yet?

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: well ok but i think i already told you i'm not answering a question that a troll asks.

CANDALL: Well you’ll never get to Mordor with that attitude.

GINNOV: I simply walked into Mordor once.

CRICHTONT88: Act like a guava. Buddy you either are a guava or your not one. An he most definitely is a guava. He quoted a chracter from the guava ??????????????

GINNOV: Ilana: What lies in the shadow of the statue? ZeBlackRockSalesman: Banyan trees. Ilana: thanks idiot

FANATIC ABOUT FILM: awwww thats nice, u become a total troll. And to think, i actually used to respect you.

GINNOV: Respect from a douchebag doesn't mean much to me. You play that game yet?

THIRD ISLAND: Can I play your game since you aren’t?


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  3. This is what Timothy Williams from Brisbane Australia looks like in real life:

    He posts under several names on imdb, probably most well known as Chemical_Dali.

    He pretends to be a screenwriter who gets hired by studios and paid upto $150,000 per rewrite job he gets, however, the reality is he's a sound recordist that can barely get work on short student films.

    He can be seen in the following video 'Woollo (2011)" on this vimeo page:

    ...between the 14:20 to 14:40 mark dressed as a construction worker who says the line "Well, somene's stole our wood."

    Real name Jordan Barber. Studied at Northern Film School @ Leeds University in 2008.
    Was thrown out for stalking several young men in the toilet, but made up lies as to why he "chose" to leave

    Likes to take nude selfies only wearing a cowboy hat:

  5. Jordan Barber. Wannabe screenwriter. Born in the UK, possibly living now in Canada. Tried to pass of an original screenplay, but quit screenwriting after
    everyone realized he just stole the entire thing from Ridley Scott's Alien.

  6. Chemical Dali's (using the name LS above) real name is Timothy Williams. He's a sound recordist from Brisbane Australia. He's a fantasist and a pathological liar with mental health problems. He's suffered from these issues for many years and it's one of the root causes of why he harasses and stalks me (and other individuals) online.

    He often sends me disturbing private messages on various forums that are fixated on homosexual activities/fantasies/slurs. He began his bullying and stalking behavior when he was first hidden behind anonymity, however, unfortunately Timothy is far less intelligence than he thinks he is and I quickly unmasked his identity.

    He's not a working screenwriter as he often tries to fool people into believing. As a man in his forties, Timothy still studies film at college/university. He recently studied at QPix film school and has also started a harassment campaign against one of his tutors, Graham Young.

    Timothy enjoys posting people's pictures and personal information online, but he doesn't like it when it's done back to him. Here he is again: