Wednesday, 8 April 2009

"So you think LOST is like Stomp?"

Short, but funny. Watching Jaytrix insult people is always entertaining but Generic Screenname's wit makes this exchange twice as good. JS had part of this thread as her sig for a bit. Generic, if you're reading this - where can I buy that cool movie you're talking about?

GENERIC SCREEN NAME: I was watching Lost on Sci-Fi today. Or was it G4? It's all over the place now. Anyway, I was watching it, and it was the one where Boone had just died and Shannon told Sayid that Locke killed her brother and asked him to do something about it. And just before it went to commercial, I heard the gay-ass trombone! It was sort of a revelation for me, because somehow I'd never heard it and was never sure what the hell parliament funk yant was talking about. But I heard it. And it was fantastic.

JAYTRIX: In other words, you don't pay attention to the show.

GENERIC SCREENAME: Those are other words, but they're completely wrong words. So you're half right. Good for you. I always heard the weird noise that's like something dropping.

JAYTRIX: So the sounds of something dropping and a musical score sound similar? You must have crap taste in music.

GENERIC SCREENAME: Geez, someone's a cranky pants today. Isn't the muscial score of Stomp just people dropping stuff, or banging on things or whatever? It's percussion, that's all I'm saying.

JAYTRIX: So you think Lost is like Stomp?

GENERIC SCREENAME: Of course not. It's like Rent.

JAYTRIX: An island of fags and trannies singing about dying of AIDS?

GENERIC SCREENAME: Yeah. Aren't we watching the same show?

JAYTRIX: Apparently not. I hear over-dramatic music before commercial breaks and not stuff dropping.

GENERIC SCREENAME: That's swell. Here's a picture of a black kid giving the thumbs up. It's from a movie about a kid who thinks he's talking to his dead father on his red toy telephone but it's really the ghost of an evil magician who's possessed a ventriloquist's dummy. Also, a fat kid gets chased by a giant cheeseburger. I sh!t you not.


  1. It's called Making Contact or Joey, depending on where you live. It's a weird movie, especially when you consider that despite being a Roland Emmerich movie, no international landmarks are destroyed. But many copyrights are infringed upon.