Tuesday, 12 October 2010

LOST board mysteries: Auntiedena72

If you've ever visited the family album, you've seen the face of Auntiedena72. You will never have seen her post, though. You've probably heard the jokes - her obscurity was so famous, it became funny for a while to pretend she was the most active person here. We all figured she was someone who rarely posted, was there the day Candall first asked for submissions, and then disappeared, never to return. Everybody dreamed of one day meeting the mysterious Auntiedena72.

Then one day, it happened. Auntiedena72 came back to the LOST board. She posted a few times, seemed nice enough, and was slightly taken aback at how many fans she had.

Or so we thought.

A few months later it was revealed the Auntiedena72 who posted was a fake. It was actually the account of an old troll named hot-jok, who had changed his name for a prank. It was like finding out Santa was really your dad.

But here's the thing..the troll used her exact name. IMDb doesn't let you take the name of a user that has been already used. Therefore, there was nobody who had that name on IMDb, ever before.

So it was all a long con by a troll, right? Maybe not. Hot-jok claims he is not Auntiedena72, he just wanted to mimic her and was surprised as hell when he found he was able to use the exact ID.

Weird, right? So does Auntiedena72 exist at all? Well, it appears she does, at least in some form. Google Auntiedena72 and you find a public photobucket containing the picture used. She also has a Youtube account. In the age of internet anoymity, who is to say those accounts are even real, but it looks legit to me. No evidence she's ever been on IMDb at all, though.

So how did her photo get in the family album? I have not been able to talk to Candall about this, as he is rarely online anymore. It would be interesting to hear what he has to say.


* Hot-jok is fucking with us. Auntiedena72 is just some poor girl with a public photobucket account, and hot-jok submitted her photo for a joke. Or, someone else did and he capitalized on it. It's possible. He's not the most trustworthy member of the board. But it seems like an awfully elaborate, not to mention pointless, prank.

* Candall entered Auntiedena72's name wrong. Maybe it was Auntiedena_72, or Auntie_Dena72. But then why is her photobucket and Youtube account name the same way as the album?

*Auntiedena72 is Candall's real aunt. Amusing, but not likely to be true.


The fact that nobody really knows the real story behind Auntiedena72 is what made her such a myth in the first place. There's no one theory that seems to account for everything. So, we're left asking the same question we were when we first saw her picture in the album...

Who are you, Auntiedena72?


  1. Haha, this made me laugh. Thanks for the post, and keep them coming.

  2. A little snooping reveals there is an Auntiedena72 with a Fanpop profile that lists Lost as one of her two favorite shows.

  3. Good find. Maybe she uses a different name on IMDb but Auntiedena everywhere else, and Candall just entered the name of the photobucket link.